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Service Documents

The Service Documents section describes documents that are related to a service's development lifecycle, e.g., service concept of operations, service requirements specifications, service description documents, etc. Copies of these documents are maintained in NSRR and can be downloaded by users. NOTE: the presence or absence of these documents is a factor in the compliance checking activity carried out as part of the service lifecycle management process.

The Service Documents page contains the following information:

  • Document Type (required): A single value used to classify the service document according to its nature. Values are:
SOA Assessment Documents assessing the proposed service for Service-Oriented Architecture suitability.
Concept of Operations (ConOps) Documents describing the characteristics of the proposed service, its key participants, how it will be used, costs and benefits, and alternative solutions for deployment.
Web Service Requirements Document (WSRD) Requirements for developing the service written according to FAA Standard Practice FAA-STD-070.
Web Service Description Document (WSDD) Description of the service written according to FAA Standard Practice FAA-STD-065 (for Web services).
Java Messaging Service Description Document (JMSDD) Description of the service written according to FAA Standard Practice FAA-STD-073 (for JMS-based services).
XML Schema Definition (XSD) A formal structure and syntax specification of data exchanged by the service, written in eXtensible Markup Language.
Data Model A conceptual or logical model of the data exchanged by the service, describing data components and their relationships.
Data Description Any document, other than an XSD or Data Model, which describes the data exchanged by the service.
Service WSDL A machine-processable description of the service, written in Web Service Description Language.
Service On-Ramping Form Information needed to support the SWIM on-ramping process.
Data Sample for Harris Service Verification Lab (HSV) Data to be used for testing the service in a controlled environment.
Security Approval Documents involving safety risk management, system safety assessment, information security certification and authorization.
Interoperability Test Report Documents describing the results of testing the service at the WSDL and message level.
Test Plan/Provider Review Documents involving the review and approval of test plans and procedures specifically related to SWIM requirements.
In Service Decision (ISD) Action Plan Documents describing planned deployment activities such as product installation and certification for operational use.
Deprecation Impact Analysis Documents analyzing the effects of moving a service to a stage wherein it will no longer support new consumers.
Retirement Impact Analysis Documents analyzing the effects of removing the service from use.
Other Any service document not otherwise classified.
  • File (required): A link to the downloadable document file.
  • Name (required): The title (including version and/or publication date, if any) used to identify the document.
  • Upload Date: The date and time at which the document file was uploaded to the NSRR.
  • Description: A short passage that describes the document and its contents.
  • Protected: An indication that the document is not accessible to users who do not have the requisite permission to download it. NOTE: On-Ramping Forms, Data Samples for HSV, Interoperability Test Reports, Test Plans/Provider Reviews, and ISD Action Plans are protected by default, although the service publisher can override this. NOTE: Protected documents will not appear in Document Search results.
  • Waived: An indication that SWIM Governance has waived the requirement to provide a document of that particular document type. NOTE: In this case, the word waiver will appear in parentheses after the document type, and the document that has been named, described, and made available for downloading will be the waiver memorandum itself. See Requesting Waivers for more information.
  • Shared with: The names of other services, if any, that also refer to or rely on this same document to comply with SWIM Governance lifecycle policies. To be able to share documents, services must belong to the same "Service Suite" or family of related services. Assignment of a service to a particular Suite is made by the Registry Custodian in coordination with the service's Publisher.