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Browse/View Services

The All Services Page presents a list of all of the services registered in the NSRR. Users can scroll through the complete list or search for individual services by entering a service's name, or a word or phrase contained in the name or summary description, into the Quick Search box and clicking "Search". Users can choose to exclude inactive services (services that are in the Deprecated or Retired lifecycle stage) from their search by clicking the "All Active" button, or include them by clicking the "Include Deprecated and Retired" button. If the user has already logged in, clicking on an individual service's name will bring the user to the Service Profile view of that service; otherwise the user will be asked to log in. Users can also sort the list by clicking on the Service Name or Lifecycle Stage column headers.

NOTE: Lifecycle Stage is a set of values used to classify a service based on its current Service Lifecycle Management Process (SLMP) stage. Values are:

Proposed The stage during which the business needs for the proposed service are identified and assessed as to whether needs can be met through the use of SOA.
Definition The stage during which the service's business requirements are gathered and the service design is produced based on these requirements.
Development The stage during which the service specifications are developed and the service is built.
Verification The stage during which the service is being inspected and/or tested to confirm that the service is of sufficient quality, complies with the prescribed set of standards and regulations, and is approved for use.
Production The stage during which the service is available for use by its intended consumers.
Deprecated The stage during which the service can no longer be used by new consumers.
Retired The stage during which the service is disposed of and is no longer used.