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Requesting an Account

The Request Account form is used to request the creation of a user account in the NSRR. The form consists of two parts: personal information about the requester and information about the account being requested.

The personal information includes the following:

  • First Name (required): The user's first name.
  • MI: The user's middle initial if applicable.
  • Last Name (required): The user's last name.
  • E-Mail (required): An e-mail address where the user can receive NSRR-related messages or correspondence. Personal email addresses are not accepted.
  • Phone Number (required): A phone number where the user can be reached.
  • Affiliation (required): A checkbox indicating whether the user is a Federal employee of FAA, an employee who is contracted to work for FAA, or someone who is affiliated with another government or industry organization or community of interest (COI).
  • Organization Name (required): The full name (and acronym if relevant) of the affiliated FAA office, government or industry organization, or COI.
  • Organization Web Page: The URL of the affiliated FAA office, organization, or COI.

The account information includes the following:

  • Access Type (required): A checkbox indicating whether the user is requesting access as a Registry Viewer (can search for and browse information about all services registered in the NSRR, and receive email notifications regarding changes to selected services); or a Service Publisher (can create and update service information as well as support promotion through the service's lifecycle stages); NOTE: Only one role may be selected. Each role can select Services to receive notifications for.

When the user selects the Service Publisher access type, a Service Publisher panel appears containing the following fields:

  • Existing Service Name (required): A list of one or more existing services that the user intends to support (select one or more by ctrl-clicking; otherwise check the New Service checkbox).
  • New Service: A checkbox indicating that the user intends to support a new service that is not yet entered into the NSRR and is asking for this service to be created. If this box is checked, the following field appears:
    • New Service Name (required) The fully spelled out name of the new service together with its abbreviation or acronym, e.g., Flight Plan Service (FPS). NOTE: more than one new service may be entered in this field.
  • FAA Sponsor (required for users who are FAA Contractors): The name of the FAA program manager or other individual who is responsible for service development and who can verify that the user is allowed to modify the service.

After the user has selected the access type desired, the remaining account information is as follows:

  • Service consumer designation (required):The user must select "yes" or "no" in answer to a question of whether the user or his/her organization currently consumes or plans to consume any SWIM services in the near future.
  • Note: A brief description of how the user intends to use the NSRR.
  • Notification checkbox: A checkbox indicating that the user wants to receive email notifications whenever a service of interest has undergone changes to its service metadata or lifecycle status.
  • When the user selects I wish to be notified about all changes made to the following service(s), the following fields are presented:

    • Service Notifications: A list of one or more services that the user wants to be notified about when changes take place during service development (select one or more services).

    The user can then submit the account request. The NSRR Administrator will review the request and send the user an e-mail with information about the new account. If the request included creating a new service, the service will be created along with the new account. NOTE: if the information submitted is insufficient, the Administrator may contact the user and ask for more information.