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Requesting Waivers

Waiver Form

A waiver request form is used by Service Publishers to ask SWIM Governance for permission not to upload required metadata artifacts for their respective services in the NSRR. At each stage of a service's life cycle, SWIM Governance policies require various service description artifacts (metadata and documents) to be uploaded into NSRR. These policies are specified in section 5.1 of the SWIM Governance Policies Version 3.0 dated September 14, 2016. In cases where a particular policy or policies cannot be implemented, the Service Publisher may request a waiver. Service Publishers may also request a waiver when specific metadata or documents have already been uploaded and are being utilized again for a specific service.

Service Publishers need to provide the date or conditions upon which the waiver will expire. In addition, the approved waiver will need to be uploaded into the Service Document section in lieu of the required artifact(s).

The waiver form may be found by clicking on Service Documents, then click Add Document. This opens the Create Service Document window where the user can indicate this artifact is Waived. The Waiver form is pointed to by the help text under the Waived field.

It is also found here. If a document is Waived, the proper Waiver Form must be uploaded in its place.

The waiver form requires the following data fields to be completed:

1. Date of Request:The date that the waiver is being requested.

2. Requester's Organization: The name and acronym of the Service Publishers organization.

3. Requester's Name: The name and title of the Service Publisher.

4. Requester's Telephone Number: The phone number for the Service Publisher.

5. Requester's Email: The Service Publisher's email address.

6. Short description of request, including specific policy or policies to be waived, together with a justification of the request and alternative polices to be followed or actions to be taken: A short description of the particular artifact(s) and reason for the waiver request.

7. Date or condition upon which this waiver can be expected to expire: The date or condition upon which the waiver is expected to end. This date is flexible, based on the service's development progress. The Service Publisher may notify the Governance team and request an extension if necessary.

Once the waiver request is completed, the form is then forwarded to the Governance team for adjudication. Once the adjudication is complete, the waiver is then sent back to the Service Publisher for uploading into the Service Document section of the NSRR.