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Search Documents

The Search Documents menu item, as well as the Advanced search documents shortcut from the Home Page, allows the user to perform a search of text extracted from the stored service documents, in addition to combining that keyword text search with a faceted search based on Document Type. Document Types include: XML Schema Definition (XSD), Web Service Description Document (WSDD), Service WSDL, Concept of Operations (ConOps), Java Messaging Service Description Document (JMSDD), Web Service Requirements Document (WSRD), Service On-ramping Form, Data Sample for Harris Service Verification Lab (HSV), SOA Assessment, Interoperability Test Report, Data Model, Data Description, Security Approval, Test Plan/Provider Reviews and Other. The Document Type categories are further explained in the Service Document Help.

Document format types that are subject to text extraction and indexing include Text, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, PDF, XML Schema Definitions (XSD), Web Service Description Language (WSDL) files, and XML.

The rules are the same for searching document text and related metadata as they are for searching service metadata; search terms are enclosed in quotes to produce an exact match, + signs preceding search terms require all matches to include the search term, and a - sign preceding the search term requires all matches to exclude that term. The resulting set of matching documents may be sorted by relevancy, document name, and document date. The user can download or open a document file in the result set, navigate to the Service Profile view of the document's associated service by following the service link, or navigate to the Service Documents view of the document's associated service by following the document title link.

For both metadata and document searches, the search index is rebuilt every hour when new content is added to the NSRR.