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The Search Services menu item, as well as the Advanced search services shortcut from the Home Page, allows the user to search for services in NSRR by selecting search facets and specifying keywords. A faceted search allows users to explore the metadata more efficiently by applying and then displaying counts associated with multiple categories on selected service characteristics, called facets.

The facets on the left include Lifecycle Stage, Service Interface Type, SWIM Service Category, and Service Suite. The categories that comprise these facets are explained in detail on the Service Profile Help. Facets are not listed alphabetically, but by the frequency of the matching services, displayed in parentheses after the facet term. The search results are presented as a set of panels, and the results may be sorted by relevancy, service name, and lifecycle stage. Selecting the name of a service in the result set brings the user to the Service Profile view for that service.

The user can also search the results for occurrences of words or phrases (keywords) by entering keyword search terms in the text box of the form. These keywords can be enclosed in quotes to search for an exact match, and can be preceded by a + sign to require all matches to include the term, and a - sign to require all matches to exclude a term. When the user searches with one keyword only, that keyword in the search results will be highlighted. When the user enters multiple terms in the text box without qualifying punctuation, the result set will combine the keywords with an implicit logical OR. Matches are returned in order of relevance.

The user can select facets and enter keyword search terms in an iterative fashion to obtain an accurate result set quickly. The facet selection and the keyword search are formed in a logical AND operation to produce the search results.