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Web Feature Service Proposed
TBFM Release Time Coordination Service (TBFM-RTCS)

Time Based Flow Management (TBFM) Release Time Coordination Service (RTCS) allows authorized NAS subscribers to request a departure release time through automation when facilities are in Call for Release (CFR) operations that have been initiated via TBFM. 

Web Map Service NCR WMS Proposed
En Route Operational Data Publication - v2.0 (SFDPS)

The En Route Operational Data Publication service publishes data related to specific FAA monitoring functions, such as traffic count adjustments and instrument approach count adjustments, and operator sign-in/sign-out information. 

XM Service NCR XMS Proposed
TFDM Airport and Flight Information (AFIS)

The Terminal Flight Data Manager (TFDM) Airport and Flight Information Service (AFIS) will publish and maintain information concerning an airport’s configuration, demand, delay, other airport information, and flight specific data and delay information.

En Route Operational Data Query - v2.0 (SFDPS)

The En Route Operational Data Query service accepts requests from consumers for historical en route operational data in the System Wide Information Management (SWIM) Flight Data Publication Service (SFDPS).

Subscription Service NCR NSS Proposed
TFDM FOS Airport Data Information (ADIS)

The Airport Data Information Service (ADIS) is a component of the TFDM system and allows authorized subscribers to submit notifications of non-movement area closures and gridlock conditions. Authorized users include flight operators, ramp operators and airport authorities.

Web Feature Service NCR-WFS Proposed