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STDDS Terminal Automation Information (TAIS)

The STDDS Terminal Automation Information Service (TAIS) provides operational live flight plan data, track data, sign-in/sign-out (SISO) data, alert data, Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) data and other important data from the Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System (STARS).

STDDS Tower Departure Event (TDES)

The SWIM Terminal Data Distribution System (STDDS) Tower Departure Event Service (TDES) provides a consumer with departure events for all flights from select towers associated with a TRACON. 


The Submit PIREP service allows a user to submit a Pilot Report (PIREP) to Weather Message Switching Center Replacement (WMSCR). WMSCR validates it and returns an acknowledgement or an error message. If valid, WMSCR distributes the PIREP to its user community and publishes it to SWIM.

Subscription Service NCR NSS Proposed
TBFM Metering Publication (TBFM-MIS)

The Time Based Flow Management (TBFM) Metering Publication Service (MIS) provides data products like Metering Status, Interface Status, TRACON name, Arrival Airport information, Airport configuration, Acceptance Rate Groups, Configurations Groups, Flight Plan information, etc. 

TBFM Release Time Coordination Service (TBFM-RTCS)

Time Based Flow Management (TBFM) Release Time Coordination Service (RTCS) allows authorized NAS subscribers to request a departure release time through automation when facilities are in Call for Release (CFR) operations that have been initiated via TBFM. 

TFDM Airport and Flight Information (AFIS)

The Terminal Flight Data Manager (TFDM) Airport and Flight Information Service (AFIS) will publish and maintain information concerning an airport’s configuration, demand, delay, other airport information, and flight specific data and delay information.

TFDM Flight Substitutions and Operational Metrics Service (FSOMS)

The Flight Substitutions and Operational Metrics Service (FSOMS) is a component of the TFDM system and allows authorized subscribers to request substitutions of Target Movement Area Entry Times between their flights that are subject to Departure Metering Procedures at a given airport.

TFDM FOS Airport Data Information (ADIS)

The Airport Data Information Service (ADIS) is a component of the TFDM system and allows authorized subscribers to submit notifications of non-movement area closures and gridlock conditions. Authorized users include flight operators, ramp operators and airport authorities.

TFDM General Information Service (GIS) Proposed