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Service Name Lifecycle Stage
TFDM Information Service (TIS) Proposed
TFDM Terminal Publication (TTP) Flight Data Service Proposed
TFMData R13

The Traffic Flow Management Data (TFMData) service is a pure Java Messaging Service that provides streaming data updates as well as a variety of request/reply functions. The data provided includes messages received by other systems which are enhanced by the Traffic Flow Management System (TFMS).

TFMS Departure Queue Acknowledgment Service (DQAS)

The Departure Queue Acknowledgement Service (DQAS) is a component of the TFMS system and allows a subscriber to request acknowledgement of the current departure queue order for a runway at a given airport.  This subsumes existing DSP system functionality. The TFDM system is the authorized user.

WARP Publication

The Weather and Radar Processor (WARP) Publication Service provides access to a limited set of individual NEXRAD products, including Digital Vertically Integrated Liquid (DVL), Enhanced Echo Tops (EET), General Status Messages (GSM), Request Response Messages (RRM), and Free Text Messages (FTM).

WARP Vendor Weather Data Publication

The Weather and Radar Processor (WARP) Vendor Weather Data Publication Service provides access to NOAA weather, commercial weather, and aeronautical information products required to fulfill requirements of the FAA’s WARP and Operational and Supportability Implementation System (OASIS) programs. 

Web Feature Service Proposed
Web Feature Service NCR-WFS Proposed
Web Map Service NCR WMS Proposed